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Re: reuse of wastewater

Esther asks:
Dear p2techs,

We are studing the use of wastewater from treatment plant for irrigation
of vegetables for human use.
I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me which parameters 
have to be considered, specially in reference to the Boron 
(concentration allowed, problems,etc).
Any information will be wellcomed.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Esther Monfa
Centre for Claner production Initiatives
Travessera de Gracia, 56, 1
08006 Barcelona
e-mail: prodneta@cipn.es
fax: +34 3 414 45 82
Here ar eseven abstracts I gleamd from out RLIBY database. I can 
mail you the complete article of any that look interesting. 


1. Rec# 190. Crook, James. "Water Reuse Experience in the U.S." NC 
AWWA/WEF Reclaimed Water Conference, 20 pages. , 1996.This paper 
discusses the history and current status of water reuse in the U
.  It also presents specific examples of water reuse techniques 
(agricultural and landscape irrigation, dual systems, impoundments, 
industrial reuse, etc.).POTW 0183.4900/Wastewater/Water conserv
ion/Reclamation/Reuse/ Municipalities.

2. Rec# 20. Eddy, Natalie. "Wastewater Recycling Saves Money and 
Resources." Small Flows 7, no. 2 (April 1993): 10.Article discusses 
savings associated with using treated wastewater for non-potabl
uses such as irrigation.POTW 
0031.4900/Treatment/Water/Recycling/Municipal/Non-potable Uses/ 

3. Rec# 570. Water Management - A Comprehensive Approach for Facility 
Managers, project manager Enviro-Management & Research, Inc., and 
Joanne Oxley. 114 pages. : U.S. General Services Administrati
 - Office of Real Property Management and Safety.This guidebook 
covers the following topics related to water management: Water 
Management for Federal Facility Managers, Developing a Water 
 Plan, Water Management Options (Plumbing Products, Heating, 
Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Equipment, Landscape Irrigation), 
and On-Site Wastewater Recycling.SW 2112.Water management/Plumbing
roducts/Heating equipment/Ventilating equipment/Air-conditioning 
equipment/Landscape irrigation/On-site wastewater recycling.

4. Rec# 720. Ingman, Gary. "Proposal to Irrigate With Deer Lodge 
Wastewater A Good Example of Cooperative Water Problem-Solving." Big 
Sky Clearwater (September 1994):This article discusses a propo
l for irrigating crops with treated municipal wastewater in the Upper 
Clark Fork River Basin. PPP 0527.Pollution 
prevention/Wastewater/Irrigation/Water conservation/ Reus

5. Rec# 690. Kourik, Robert. "Source Reduction for Wastewater." 
BioCycle 31, no. 1 (January 1990): 35.This article discusses 
policies adopted by Santa Barbara County to overcome restrictions on 

reuse of "gray water" to irrigate ornamental plants.SW 1086.Solid 
waste/Source reduction/Wastewater/Irrigation/Recycling.

6. Rec# 5955. Nichols, Alan B. "Water Reuse Closes Water- Wastewater 
Loop." Journal Water Pollution Control Federation 60, no. 11 (1988): 
1930-1937.This article discusses wastewater management and
he use of conservation water principles in treating and disposing 
wastewater into the environment with the most cost effective means 
possible.POTW 0066.Wastewater treatment/Water re-use/Irrigatio

7. Rec# 330. Van Nostrand, Mark et al. "Comparative Costs of 
Implementing a Wastewater Reuse Project in Colorado." 1994 Water 
Reuse Symposium Proceedings, 541-556. 16 pages. : American Water 
sociation//Water Environment Federation.This paper discusses the 
construction and implementation costs of three wastewater reuse 
systems.  It finds that water reuse can be cost effective in 
on to potable water when used for irrigation.CAP 

Rudy Moehrbach
Waste Reduction Resource Center
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