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City Pollution Prevention Manager

    I'm writing relative to a message from J. Bruce Suits.  I couldn't 
    help but notice your title...P2 Manager for Cincinnati.  Maybe I 
    simply never noticed but do many cities have pollution prevention 
    managers??   It seems like a great idea, especially for smaller 
    towns where saving money and management of waste is on the level 
    of, if not much larger than, many businesses.
    I would be VERY interested in hearing from others on this list 
    regarding town or city P2, E2, or recycling efforts and some of 
    the more successful program areas of accomplishments, including 
    if tax $$$ are being saved, types of programs being established, 
    and how the position interconnects with other city offices 
    (duties, authority, ability to effect change, are school districts 
    Have you considered E2 applications or are you strictly P2 
    Any information is welcome, thanks,