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UV Curables

    Dr. Ross, et al,
    Without first checking with and getting approval from the 
    companies I referred to, I am unable to supply their names.  I 
    personally would like to see what the doorskin company is doing 
    prior to determining the degree of success attained.  Given 
    approval, I will contact you with more information.
    (By the way, a doorskin is like a veneer applied to a base 
    surface or structure, although unlike a veneer it is a pressed and 
    formed product.  Trees are ground up and pressed into what is 
    often observed as the surface of a door.  Skins are made in 
    different styles and types and vary in quality, thickness, degree 
    of detail, etc.  The skin is applied to the frame (or internal 
    support structure) of the door.)