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Re: City Pollution Prevention Manager

Richard Illig (717) 327-3568 wrote:
>     All,
>     I'm writing relative to a message from J. Bruce Suits.  I couldn't
>     help but notice your title...P2 Manager for Cincinnati.  Maybe I
>     simply never noticed but do many cities have pollution prevention
>     managers??   It seems like a great idea, especially for smaller
>     towns where saving money and management of waste is on the level
>     of, if not much larger than, many businesses.
>     I would be VERY interested in hearing from others on this list
>     regarding town or city P2, E2, or recycling efforts and some of
>     the more successful program areas of accomplishments, including
>     if tax $$$ are being saved, types of programs being established,
>     and how the position interconnects with other city offices
>     (duties, authority, ability to effect change, are school districts
>     impacted).
>     Have you considered E2 applications or are you strictly P2
>     oriented??
>     Any information is welcome, thanks,
>     Ric
>     illig.richard@a1.dep.state.pa.us
Ric - I have been active with the National Pollution Prevention
Roundtable's Local Government Workgroup for the past 3 years. There are
quite a few very successful local government programs around the country
- California and Florida in particular have well established programs in
many counties and cities.  The National Association of Counties has also
been active in the NPPR workgroup, and they (along with several other
organizations) put out a compendium of local programs called "Preventing
Pollution in our Cities and Counties:  A Compendium of Case Studies".  I
think you can get a copy by contacting the Roundtable office.

In terms of E2, it's my understanding that several cities and counties
are working with EPA's Climate Wise program, and I'm sure there are
other local E2 things that I don't know about.  

If you are able to come to Cincinnati, we would love for you to come by
the workgroup meeting and learn more about what the cities and counties
are doing in P2 and E2.  Other members of the work group - please jump
in here and tell Ric about specific things that are going on in the
local government world.

Ric - please call me if you would like to chat further about this, or I
can refer you to some other people who are more knowledgeable than I.

Jancie Hatcher
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.
(404) 651-5120