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Re: (All) Waste Prevention Technology

Response to Bob Pojasik,

I must join those who object to your use of the term "resistance" in
describing the responses to your original question. The problem is the
criteria which you are trying to force on your responders which, it appears,
you are not conforming to in your chosen technologies.

For example, you extol the HELIOS technology that is used on wireless printing
boards. I am sure it is great technology, but with limited application. In the
same communication you decry the powder coatings technology because it is not
amenable to rapid color change. No one is claiming that powder coating is a
universal coating technology. It has, as does the HELIOS technology, its
limitations. It would not be the technology of choice where frequent color
changes are needed. It is great, however, where long runs of single colors are
required. with its virtually zero VOC and some terrific performance
characteristics. . 

As to UV curable coatings, they have the unique property of not undergoing
cure  when protected from UV light. Any excess coating material can therefore
be collected and recirculated. In some roller coating operations, coatings
usage is virtually 100%. This goes along with almost zero VOC emissions. What
more can you ask?