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Re: UV Curable Coatings

A response to Ric Illig,

Thank you for the kind words you have written about UV Curing. The most
grevious error you have made concerns my phone number. It is 703-534-9313. It
is still valid for requesting information on the UV and EB curing of coatings,
inks, adhesives, release coatings , and related materials.

You should be awared that the UV/EB technology can be used with almost any
conventional means of application. The door skins that you describe are most
likely done on a "flat line", where roller coating or curtain coating are the
preferred application trechniques. It is ideal for flat surfaces. Any excess
coating can easily be recirculated, giving almost 100% utilization. Since VOC
are virtually zero, it is close to an ideal system. . The use of this system
on wood flooring , wood tiles, wood panels, as well as on flat furniture parts
is growing at a good rate.

Radiation curing is also used with spray applied coatings, generally on non
flat parts. In such operations the, "line of sight" nature of the radiation
has required special attention. The result has been the development of "3D
Radiation Curing Chambers.".
In such chambers several UV lamps are placed mountings with maximum degrees of
freedom. A coated object entering the chamber gets irradiated from all
necessary angles to give complete curing. One large scale manufacturer of
chairs in Florida has dramatically decreased his emissions while speeding up
his operations and increasing his efficiency. Even better are the automotive
headlamps going into the major car manufacturers. The plastic reflectors use
two coats of UV cured coating, one before and one after metallizing. They too
use the 3D approach to give continuous fast production of the headlamps with
virtually no emissions. Incidentally, the lens is then wedded to the reflector
through the use of a UV cured adhesive.

The distance between the UV source and the coated object is not critical. If
an object has large irregularities, however, a fixed lamp can give uneven
cure. This problem is also overcome in the 3D chambers where uniformity of
radiation is maintained.

I will be offline for the next two weeks. Please feel free to contact me for
information by fax or mail in the interim.

Alexander Ross
Radtech International
Phone: 703-534-9313
Fax: 703-533-1910