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We Need survey of Pollution Prevention Managment Resources

P2 Te(a)chers:

If we are going to start this survey, let's do it on a measurable basis that
will have some use. Let's ask: 1. Is there a P2 mgr. and staff, 2. What are
the total dollars committed, w/overhead, 3. What population and economic base
does this level of personnel resource serve. For a city, the economic base
could be it's assessed value or it's GDP or per capita income. Please specify.

This comparitive survey can help other P2 Program Managers sak for a
reasonable level of committment of resources to be invested in their local
programs. The big question for us to give the bean counters is how we measure
the benefits of pollution prevention. Do the fire departments have a way to
measure the benefits of fire prevntion programs like inspections and code
enforcement. I'll be glad to save all the data in a file. Later, EPA can
possibly digest the data and post it on the appropriate web site.

Hope to hear from all of you, soon.

Pat Ferraro
The Silicon Valley Pollution Prevention Center