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RE: City Pollution Prevention Manager

For assistance and to provide a wider knowledge of P2 and P2 
techniques you might consider making your collaborative effort one 
including local industry.  Many areas,  particularly a city the size 
of Cincinnati, has many industry sites in its local which would 
probably be more than interested in helping with the P2 effort.  It 
gives them a chance to help the local community and to get their 
efforts on P2 recognized.

This concept has worked well in Palm Beach County FL where I represent 
my company as part of the P2 Coalition of Palm Beach County.  This is 
a group of county government agencies, The FL DEP, and local industry 
trying to spread the word on P2 and P2 techniques.  We have been 
functional for over 3 years presenting local workshops for various 
business sectors (marinas, printing, aerospace industries, golf course 
and landscaping, etc.).  Some of these have been done by ourselves and 
some we have co-sponsored with FL DEP and other organizations.  In 
addition Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a coalition member 
organization, operates a website (http://www.oe.fau.edu/~pollute) with 
P2 information and links for anyone to access.

Give it a try.  You expand your resources and knowledge base and, with 
industry as an active part of the group you reduce the fear seen with 
many businesses of dealing with government agencies.  Good Luck.

Dale Francke
Pratt & Whitney,  M/S 717-03
P.O. Box 109600
W. Palm Beach, FL  33410-9600
e-mail :  frncked@pwfl.com
(561) 796-3733    FAX  (561) 796-2787

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     Ric, (et al):
     Thank you for asking! For huge amounts of information on local
     governments' P2 activities, see the National Pollution Prevention 
     Roundtable's website (http://es.epa.gov/nppr) and check out the 
     Government Workgroup page.  Over 70 local governments (and 
     e.g., U.S., Conference of Mayors, National Association of 
     National Association of City & County Health Officials) from 
     the nation are on board - and it's growing fast!  There may not 
     be a "P2 Manager" at the local government level, but there are 
     P2 things happening in lots of local governments!  And by the 
     borrowing from what other local and state folks around the 
     have been doing, we in Ohio (City of Cincinnati, Institute of 
     Manufacturing Sciences, Ohio EPA Office of Pollution Prevention 
     Ohio EPA Southwest District Office - with some funding assistance 
     the Ohio Environmental Education Fund) have just partnered to 
     "The Southwest Ohio Local Government Pollution Prevention
     Collaborative".  First meeting of the collaborative was two weeks 
     and we had over thirty local governments from all over Southwest 
     in attendance.  Counties, cities, townships, etc. - large and 
     Our meetings are monthly, with two training sessions, the first 
     which will be in February.  Ohio EPA (and all of us) hope this 
will be
     a successful pilot that will be self sustaining after the first 
     and can be replicated in the other regions of Ohio (and beyond). 

     Regarding your other questions: I think most of us include energy 
     conservation and efficiency in our P2 activities; for detailed
     examples of Local P2 programs and activities see "Preventing 
     in our Cities and Counties - a Compendium of Case Studies" 
     through the NPPR) which provides information on 19 case studies - 
     large and small local governments with varying structures and
     approaches to P2.  In addition, the NPPR's Local Government 
     also has a user friendly Matrix Chart of Local Government P2
     Activities (not yet but soon to be on the website) with over 40 
     governments and their P2 activities listed.  Email me if you are 
     interested in receiving that document.

     J. Bruce Suits
     Pollution Prevention Manager
     Office of Environmental Management
     City of Cincinnati
     Two Centennial Plaza
     805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
     Cincinnati, OH  45202-1947
     Telephone: 513/352-6270
     FAX:       513/352-4970
     email:     bruce.suits@cinems.rcc.org

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Subject: City Pollution Prevention Manager
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    I'm writing relative to a message from J. Bruce Suits.  I couldn't 
    help but notice your title...P2 Manager for Cincinnati.  Maybe I
    simply never noticed but do many cities have pollution prevention 
    managers??   It seems like a great idea, especially for smaller
    towns where saving money and management of waste is on the level
    of, if not much larger than, many businesses.

    I would be VERY interested in hearing from others on this list
    regarding town or city P2, E2, or recycling efforts and some of
    the more successful program areas of accomplishments, including
    if tax $$$ are being saved, types of programs being established,
    and how the position interconnects with other city offices
    (duties, authority, ability to effect change, are school districts 

    Have you considered E2 applications or are you strictly P2

    Any information is welcome, thanks,


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