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P2 Measurement Report

I've gotten a number of requests for a report on P2 Measurement that
Research Triangle Institute and Tim Greiner worked on with EPA Office of
Research and Development. The title is "Developing and Using
Production-Adjusted Measurement of Pollution Prevention".  Here's how to
get your very own copy: 
Contact EPA Office of Research and Development Publications Office.
Phone (513) 569-7562. Fax (513) 569-7566. Ask for document number
EPA/600/R-97/048. Documents are free.


	This report documents research conducted under a 3-year
cooperative agreement between Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Research and
Development National Risk Management Research Laboratory. Subcontractor
support was provided by Greiner Environmental. The purpose of the
cooperative agreement research is to identify ways to measure pollution
prevention (P2) at industrial facilities. Research under the Cooperative
Agreement is being conducted in phases. Phase I identified the state of
the art in facility-level P2 measurement. These results are published
separately (Environmental Progress, Vol. 14, No. 4, November 1995).
Phase II involved the research documented in this Project Summary. Phase
III of the research will produce an interactive Users Guide to P2
Measurement Tools. 
	The research summarized here investigated how to account for
varying levels of production in facility-level P2 measurements. It
details a methodology for applying statistical and graphical tools to
assess production-adjusted P2 measures. The report also provides case
studies showing the application of the methodology at five industrial
facilities. A framework for developing production-adjusted P2
measurement systems is contained in an appendix to the report.


Melissa Malkin
Pollution Prevention Program
Research Triangle Institute
POB 12194. Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709-2194
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