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RE: UV air treatment

Try using the energy serach site at: http://www.energysearch.com/ 
   and picking           air UV bacteria    as search criteria.
And the following is available from the Electric Power Research

                Engineering Controls for Infectious Airborne Organisms:
                TechCommentary No. 1, 1995 
                Jan 1995 

                Jones, Myron 
                Business Group : Customer Systems Group 

                L3005 Healthcare 
                C3002 Commercial HVAC 
                M3004 Marketing 
                Air Cleaners 
                Air Filters 
                Indoor Air Quality 
                HVAC Systems 
                Public Health 
                T7019 Healthcare Industry 


This TechCommentary identifies several technologies that can limit the
spread of airborne diseases
in high-risk environments such as hospitals, correctional institutes and
homeless shelters. Four
engineering controls that improve air quality by removing, killing, or
diluting airborne contaminants
are discussed. Ventilation/Air Replacement, the most common method,
works by diluting potentially
contaminated air to reduce the risk of disease transmission. Negative
Pressure Isolation
Rooms--used when a potentially infectious patient has been identified
and isolated--brings clean air
into the room and exhausts the contaminated air to the outdoors,
maintaining negative pressure
within the isolation room to prevent the contaminated air from mixing
with air in the main building.
High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration uses mechanical filters to
remove disease-causing
pathogens. Ultraviolet Germicide Irradiation uses a short-wave
ultraviolet radiation to inactivate
pathogens contained in droplet nuclei. 

The operating parameters and costs of the various systems are examined
within this publication.
Information on the National Tuberculosis Coalition, which is involved in
research, development,
demonstration and technology transfer projects, is also provided. 


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>Anyone have information related with air stream treatment with UV
>systems to control bacteria and Virus in closed hospital rooms with air
>Thanks a lot
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