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New contact info

P2 Friends:

They say that all good things must (at long last) come to an end.  I just
wanted to let you all know that Monday is my last day at ConnTAP.  I have had
more than my share of packing boxes and sorting through old files.

Starting on February 2, I will be working for an environmental consulting
company called EMCON.  It is a national company (1,000 employees, 40 offices
in 17 states) with a small (15-20 people) office in CT.  I will be working
with them to expand their client base (politely called business development)
and develop pollution prevention services.  They currently have one large
industrial client (a defense contractor) and want to serve more small- to
medium-sized companies.

My new contact info is:
Rita Lomasney
98 South Turnpike Road
Wallingford, CT 06492-4340
Tel: (203) 294-4413
E-Mail: rlomasne@emconinc.com

I hope to stay on at least one listserver and maybe still be a member of the
NPPR (if we can afford the affiliate member dues!)  Maybe I'll even see you
all at a future conference.

I apologize to those on the listservers who don't feel personal messages have
a place.  I don't know any quicker way to reach so many people.

It has been great knowing all of you and I hope our paths will cross again in
the future.