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Re[2]: Non-VOC Cleaners for cleaning cured Asphalt

     I wonder how this would affect workers who are highly allergic to 
     peanuts & peanut oil.
     Linda Jekel

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Subject: Re: Non-VOC Cleaners for cleaning cured Asphalt 
Author:  <p2tech@great-lakes.net > at internet-mail
Date:    1/23/98 10:32 AM

The surfers in Santa Barbara use peanut butter suspended in baby oil (and a 
little "elbow grease") to remove asphaltic residues from their surfing boards 
and bodies.  Low fat peanut butter does not work.  This smells better than 
d-limonene.  Dave Hartley probably knows all about that.  My son goes to
Bob Pojasek
(617) 225-0812
     Does anyone know of effective non-VOC or Low VOC cleaners which can be 
     used in a vapor degreaser to clean cured asphalt off of materials?
     Doug Broussard
     TNRCC Office of Pollution Prevention & Recycling (512) 239-3181