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Congressional Briefing

On Thursday, February 5 from 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM the National Pollution 
Prevention Roundtable will be hosting a Congressional Briefing on its 
efforts to reauthorize the 1990 P2 Act in the Cannon House Office Building 
Room 340.  Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D. Colorado) and Congressman Wayne 
Gilchrest (R. Maryland) will make keynote presentations.  
Snacks and refreshments will be served.
The Federal P2 Act which passed Congress with overwhelming support and 
became law on October 26, 1990, defined pollution prevention as source 
reduction and established a hierarchy of environmental protection 
activities with pollution prevention at the top.  The act contained many 
useful and innovative provisions that could have greatly promoted the dual 
goals of environmental protection and economic performance.  Unfortunately, 
many of the provisions of the P2 Act were never carried out and the Act 
expired in 1993.  The NPPR is working to strengthen and reauthorize this 
legislation in order to better protect the environment while encouraging 
economic efficiency.
Please RSVP to either Michele Russo at 202-466-7272 or to me at 
WWeinstein@compuserve.com if you wish to attend the session.