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re: Legislative History, basic info


I don't know if this would be helpful, but I have my overheads from a course 
lecture I give on development of environmental legislation/regulation in the 
US.  THe overheads would provide an outline.  I can send you the legislation 
part of the file if you are interested.


Martha Arosemena <MAROSEME@tnrcc.state.tx.us> Wrote:
| Hi!  Does anyone have or know of any publications, Web 
| sites, ordocuments that outline (hopefully briefly!)  the 
| history of U.S.environmental legislation from about the 
| 60's to the 90's?  I knowsomething like this must exist 
| out there, but I have not yet found it.Any leads to info 
| on basic educational  information on "what ismultimedia" 
| and cross media impacts of pollution would be great.  I 
| amworking on a document for non-environmental folks, so 
| the simpler thebetter.Your leads and ideas are MUCH 
| appreciated!  Thanks in advance.Martha ArosemenaTRNRCC, 
| Office of Pollution Prevention & Recycling, MC112P.O. Box 
| 13087Austin, TX  78711-3087phone: 512/239-3185fax: 
| 512/239-3165

Andrea Kreiner Farrell
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