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RE: Size of Market for P2 Services?

It appears that you are talking about two different subjects at the same
time.  What is the size of the market, vs. why do firms shoose or not choose
to implement P2 programs.  
There are several thoughtful contributers to this list who have many times
pointed out the obvious but not yet accepted facts about P2.  We continue to
regulate P2, in some circles while in other circles we make it a social give
away program.  Both aspects are many times offensive to the business owner
who is typically in business to make a profit, is offended by all the
regulations that he cannot or will not read, and by all the social programs
that ultimately only raise his taxes.  
When he (no gender) elects to implement a P2 type program, it is because
there is an identified impact on the profitibality of the company.  The
elevation of P2 or environmental subjects if you consider them to be
different, to the decision making table is most enhanced with integration of
the concepts in the running of the business.  Not with segregation of this
subject in some cubby hole called P2 or waste reduction or what ever else we
may call it.  
Is there value in the service.  Hell yes.  But as a part of the business
making process by people who understand the business.  Can you imagine a
cost accountant who did not have any idea what the product was in the
factory.  How many free give away programs have you ever dealt with where
the person had absolutely no idea what the factory was all about.  You
reduce waste by helping the factory work better, and make more profits.
There has to be value added.  You do not ride in like the Lone Ranger to
solve the problems and then tell them that I am free.  
We get to the table with the value we add to the business.  They trust
business people who respect and understand their business issues and
Why would they not be willing to pay.  Because we have not done an adequate
job of showing them the value added.  Why have we done a poor job.  Because
we are not at the right table to tell the story.  We are not at the business
table, thinking business.  We are at the table where P2 consultants and
waste reduction people sit talking to each other.

The market is big (I don't know how to quantify).  There is a need.  In
spite of the fact that companies like ours have to pay taxes so that the
States give away free what we sell, I still firmly believe their is adequate
room for all and need for more, if you are a business person thinking about
the needs of the business.  Think about what it takes to be sitting at the
right table.      
At 02:19 PM 2/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I agree.  But can you offer any insight into why many would not be
>willing to pay?  Why are more industry not using free P2 programs and
>paying P2 consultants to show them where savings are in reducing their
>wastes.  Do they not trust the concept?  Is there not value in the
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>>Virtually every manufacturer, though the majority would not (yet) be
>>willing to pay for these services.
>>>Does anyone have information on the size of the potential market for
>>>Pollution Prevention services?
>>>Industrial Waste Reduction Engineer
>>>Synterprise Group, Division of Tennessee Valley Authority
>>>(423) 632-8489; (423) 632-3616 (fax)
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