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Market For P2 Services

    Many manufacturers would rather deal with consultants simply to 
    avoid potential discovery of compliance problems...despite offers 
    of a "non-enforcement oriented" site visit.
    Some site visit programs focus more on pointing out sources of 
    help rather than offer (any level of) direct assistance 
    (?liability issues?).  In this case a consultant is still needed.
    Efficiency may dictate eliminating the middle-man.
    I've gleaned from some manufacturers a fear of potentially being 
    required to implement some suggestions/recommendations that may be 
    generated by a site-visit.
    Many engineers/environmental managers/health & safety 
    managers/environmental technicians/ etc. very much would 
    appreciate a site visit but are denied the opportunity by upper 
    management.  Sometimes larger well known companies respond in this 
    manner for (what I think are) some pretty obvious reasons.
    Adapting an old saying,  "we're all consultants and you end up 
    paying for it one way or another".