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Size of P2 Technical Assistance Base

I have been following the line on "Size of Market for P2 Services."  Looking at 
this issue from another perspective a month or so ago, I had asked Warren at 
NPPR to provide me with some statistics on the number of technical assistance 
programs providing some P2 services (including NIST, SBDC, state, University, 
National Laboratories, Agencies, county, city, etc.).  He said there are no such 
statistics readily available.  Is the size of the provider base so large that 
each group is not seeing enough industry support?  Here in Massachusetts, we 
must have over 50 people offering free (or low cost) P2 services besides a large 
base of registered "Toxics Use Reduction Planners" many of whom work for private 
consulting firms.  We also have a Toxics Use Reduction Institute (along with at 
least one related Institute) at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  
Wouldn't there have to be a demand for these services to support this large 
number of people?  Have we saturated the market?  Has the market shifted to 
another brand name as Mark Haveman suggests?  NIST MEP centers look at 
manufacturing efficiency programs as a means to reduce waste.  Any ideas?

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