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RE: Size of P2 Technical Assistance Base

Mr. Pojasek,

Your question seems extremely relevant to existing and future work
conducted by P2 providers.  I would be interested in obtaining any
statistical results you compile or are given regarding these

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> Subject:	Size of P2 Technical Assistance Base
> I have been following the line on "Size of Market for P2 Services."
> Looking at 
> this issue from another perspective a month or so ago, I had asked
> Warren at 
> NPPR to provide me with some statistics on the number of technical
> assistance 
> programs providing some P2 services (including NIST, SBDC, state,
> University, 
> National Laboratories, Agencies, county, city, etc.).  He said there
> are no such 
> statistics readily available.  Is the size of the provider base so
> large that 
> each group is not seeing enough industry support?  Here in
> Massachusetts, we 
> must have over 50 people offering free (or low cost) P2 services
> besides a large 
> base of registered "Toxics Use Reduction Planners" many of whom work
> for private 
> consulting firms.  We also have a Toxics Use Reduction Institute
> (along with at 
> least one related Institute) at the University of Massachusetts at
> Lowell.  
> Wouldn't there have to be a demand for these services to support this
> large 
> number of people?  Have we saturated the market?  Has the market
> shifted to 
> another brand name as Mark Haveman suggests?  NIST MEP centers look at
> manufacturing efficiency programs as a means to reduce waste.  Any
> ideas?
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