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RE: CO2 and semiconductors

Please take a look at the Technology Review that PPRC has posted on our web site.  It discusses the Supercritical CO2 cleaning technology, economics, current research regarding SCO2, industry applications, as well as point you to other web sites containin
g related information.  In addition, you will notice Tech Reviews regarding other cleaning issues as well.  Enjoy!


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From:  Judith Jordan[SMTP:jjordan@delmep.org]
Sent:  Tuesday, February 03, 1998 12:20 PM
To:  p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  CO2 and semiconductors

Fellow P2 Techers,
I scanned the P2 tech archives but didn't see anything that addressed my
question. Is anyone aware of any demonstration projects or actual
implementation of supercritical fluid use in the electronics industry
for use as a semiconductor cleaning agent.  Any tips would be

Judy Jordan
Delaware Manufacturing Alliance
(302) 452-2527