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CO2 and semiconductors -Reply

I understand there is an organization called the Advanced
Cleaning Center by the National  Defense Center for
Environmental Excellence (NDCEE).  The NDCEE is funded by
the DoD and has been mandated by Congress to demonstrate,
validate, and  transfer feasible technology to DoD and industrial
manufacturing operations.  The organization was exploring
supercritical CO2 precision cleaning systems around 1994. 
They may have demonstration projects information for you.   I'm
not sure where they are located, maybe in PA.  Perhaps
someone on the listserve will know more about it.  

>>> Judith Jordan <jjordan@delmep.org> 02/03/98 12:20pm
Fellow P2 Techers,
I scanned the P2 tech archives but didn't see anything that
addressed my
question. Is anyone aware of any demonstration projects or
implementation of supercritical fluid use in the electronics
for use as a semiconductor cleaning agent.  Any tips would be

Judy Jordan
Delaware Manufacturing Alliance
(302) 452-2527