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RE: CO2 and semiconductors


Hughes in El Segundo CA should be able to provide info.  Another company
is Phasex in ?.  Supercritical CO2 has been used to clean optics and
solid state devices where exposure to high pressure is not a problem.
Hermetically sealed devices can be crushed and damaged during cleaning.
For flat wafers, CO2 snow has been used to remove particulate
contamination.  Find yourself a collection of Precision Cleaning
magazine and you will have reams of info regarding supercritical CO2


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> Subject: 	CO2 and semiconductors
> Fellow P2 Techers,
> I scanned the P2 tech archives but didn't see anything that addressed
> my
> question. Is anyone aware of any demonstration projects or actual
> implementation of supercritical fluid use in the electronics industry
> for use as a semiconductor cleaning agent.  Any tips would be
> appreciated.
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