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Enterprise for the Environment Report

On January 15, 1998, the Enterprise for the Environment (E4E) released its
final report entitled The Environmental Protection System in Transition:
Toward a More Desirable Future. This report is the culmination of a two-year
consensus-building project aimed at building a broad, durable, bipartisan
agreement on improving the nation's environmental protection system. E4E
developed policy recommendations in three areas: 1) transforming EPA's
regulatory system; 2) increasing the use of economic and other incentives to
encourage continuous environmental improvement; and 3) promoting higher
levels of responsibility, accountability, commitment, and stewardship in the
private sector. The project is now conducting an extensive outreach effort
to interested parties.

The project is chaired by William D. Ruckelshaus, former Administrator of
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Over 80 participants endorsed the
final report, including a bi-partisan group of Congressmen, governors,
mayors, and state regulators; leaders from the environmental and business
communities; and three additional former EPA administrators (Doug Costle,
William Reilly, and Lee Thomas). The Project Director is Dr. Karl Hausker,
CSIS Senior Fellow.

Copies of the E4E Report can be ordered by contacting:
CSIS Books
1800 K St, NW
Washington, DC  20006
internet: books@csis,org

The E4E Report is also available on the project website (www.csis.org/e4e)

If you need additional information, please contact:

James O'Brien, Project Coordinator
Center for Strategic & International Studies
1800 K St., NW
Washington, DC 20006
202/775-3267 phone
202/467-0357 fax
internet: job@csis.org

Karl Hausker, Project Director

Barbara Bush
202-797-6559 (fax)