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P2 at photofinishing ?

Hi P2TECHers--

I wonder if anyone can point me to approaches for P2 and solution
recycle and reuse for photographic film developing.  In particular I'm
trying to help a facility that does a lot of x-ray inspection of metal
parts and assemblies.  The facility uses automatic developing machines
for x-ray film.  Much, but not all, of the silver in used fixer is
recovered.  Spent developer and fixer go down the drain.  (By the way,
film is recycled off-site.)

The facility realizes that ideally it should go to a digital solid state
imaging system to avoid chemical developing altogether, and to achieve
various productivity gains (I'm looking for leads here as
well--conventional fluorography doesn't give the resolution required).
Short of the ideal, the facility would benefit from developer and fixer
recovery and improved silver recovery.

Any leads would be welcome.

Rodney Sobin						sobin@ctc.com
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