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P2 at "Altitude"

P2Tech List Server Query:
I work for a mining and Iron/Steel consulting company.  I have an
opportunity to develop a proposal for P2 evaluations and environmental
management system implementation for a Chilean-government owned copper
mining company - altitude 14,000 ft or more.  Part of the RFP includes a
requirement for addressing the impacts of work at this altitude (both
people and equipment) i.e. efficiency studies, variations on control
equipment design, expectations for performance, etc.

Does anyone have this type of experience and are you willing to address
this issue as a contractor within the framework of the proposal?  A
prompt response is appreciated as the Chilean government has given us
little time to respond.
Bill Pioli  
Senior Engineer
EHS Specialist
Hatch Associates
6215 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo NY 14221
716  632  7200