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NPPR Update

NPPR is excited that Steve Percy, CEO of British Petroleum Chemicals has
confirmed as a keynote speaker for the Thursday (April 30) lunch session at
the NPPR Spring Cincinnati Conference.   Conference brochures were mailed
out earlier in the week.

70 people attended a Briefing on Capitol Hill yesterday regarding NPPR's
plans to reauthorize the 1990 Federal P2 Act.  Congresswoman Diana DeGette
(D.Co) and Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (R. MD) gave opening remarks. 
DeGette discussed her interest in the P2 Act and her work as an architect
of the Colorado P2 Act as a State Legislator.  She intimated that she and
her staff are looking forward to working with the NPPR to try and address
many of the problems with the Act and its implementation.  Parry Burnap,
Pat Gallagher and Melinda Dower also discussed their states' experiences
with the P2 Act and PPIS funding. 

If you are interested in obtaining the information that was made available
at the Briefing please call or e-mail Michele Russo or Warren Weinstein.