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RE: VOC Recovery

Doug, you might want to look up a recent article from Chemical Engineering
(Jan 1998 - find someone who is a member of AIChE) on abating halogenated
VOC's.  They have a nice table showing what technologies work best at given
flow rates and concentrations.  At the low concentrations and high flow
rates you are talking about recovery is not going to be easy or cheap (but
then abatement isn't going to be cheap either.)  Your in the range of a
rotor concentrator (you have a case study from Motorola on a rotor
concentrator) but it is questionable that this will concentrate the stream
enough that recovery is possible.

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> Subject: VOC Recovery
> Request suggestions for a cost effective solvent recovery system for
> the following vent outlet:
> solvent concentration: 50 - 500 ppmv
> air flow:  3000  - 10,000 ACFM
> moisture content: 5 - 10 %
> The company would like to recover and reuse the solvent in this stream
> rather than send the stream to a flare or catalytic oxidizer.
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