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List Server Evaluation -Reply


I find the P2Tech site very useful. I believe I have posted a
message at least once. Keep up the good work

>>> List Manager <listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu> 02/09/98
09:03am >>>
P2Tech is at the end of one funding cycle (don't worry, we have
funding), and we need to do some evaluation of list server. 
Please answer
the following questions about your list server use.    The more
we get, the better able we will be to justify the list server in the
future.  We will be compiling the information at the end of
February and
will publish the results to the entire list.

1.  How often do you post messages to P2Tech?

2.  How often do you use the P2Tech Archives?  Do you find them
How could we improve the archives?

3.  Enviro$en$e has offered to do another set of archives, in
addition to
the ones currently hosted by GLIN.  Would you be more likely to
archives provided by Enviro$en$e?  Is the duplication

4.  P2Briefs are a version of the P2Tech Archives designed by
the Solid
Waste Education and Research Center in Wisconsin.  The
P2Tech briefs
compile discussion strings and include links to possibly relevant
information and contributors.  This effort takes a lot of time.  Do
think this would be a worthwhile tool?

5.  Based on your experience with other list servers, what could
we do to
make the list server better?

6.  Any other comments?

Thanks in advance for your time!
Lisa C. Merrifield
(Morrison)			listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
List Manager				217.244.6061 (v)
IL Waste Management and Research Ctr.	217.333.8944 (f)
One East Hazelwood Dr.			Champaign, Illinois