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Satellite Forum on Business Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention Pays: 
Businesses Cut Costs by Cutting Waste 
A WasteWi$e Satellite Forum

Dear Colleague:

On June 17, 1998, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Eastern time), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency*s WasteWi$e program will present a national satellite forum entitled Waste Prevention Pays: Businesses Cut Costs by Cutting Waste. This two-hour interactiv
e forum will help businesses identify and implement money-saving waste prevention strategies.  It will feature representatives of companies that have significantly reduced operating costs by implementing waste prevention measures.

Please accept this invitation to host a local downlink site.  It*s easy!  The broadcast is free of cost to downlink sites. You may charge a fee to participants to cover expenses.  Print and return the fax-back form for a free coordinator*s kit that includ
es all you will need to locate a site, organize, and promote the forum. 

Consider incorporating the satellite forum into a broader business waste prevention event such as a half-day workshop that showcases waste prevention strategies and successes of businesses in your community.

WasteWi$e is EPA*s voluntary program to assist and recognize businesses that commit to reducing solid waste.  Partners include small, medium, and large organizations in over fifty sectors.  One Partner saved $55,000 with "send *n return" envelopes for bil
ling and receiving payments.  Others reduced waste by switching from paper manuals to CD-ROMs ($95,000 saved); switching to reusable cloth rags ($38,000 saved); and printing bills on two sides ($2.5 million postage saved). Other creative waste reduction a
ctivities have included purchasing reusable HVAC filters ($4,700 saved); using shredded business documents in place of foam packaging peanuts ($2,000 saved); and redesigning pallets ($380,000 saved).   

Waste Prevention Pays will provide business decision-makers with a framework for identifying cost savings throughout their operations. It will feature companies that have improved the bottom line by implementing specific waste prevention practices.  Parti
cipants will receive tools for locating * and calculating * potential savings at their facilities.

For further information on Waste Prevention Pays or joining the WasteWi$e program as a Partner or Endorser, call 1-800-EPA-WISE or visit the Web site at <http://www.epa.gov/wastewise>.


Waste Prevention Pays: 
Businesses Cut Costs by Cutting Waste 
A WasteWi$e Satellite Forum

Thank you for considering our invitation to host this important event.  Strong local networks of  public and private organizations are the foundation of effective waste prevention programs.  EPA urges you to suppport the environment and local businesses b
y bringing Waste Prevention Pays to your community.  If you are unable to host a site, please consider helping us publicize the satellite forum.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-EPA-WISE.

Please complete the following form and fax it to the EPA WasteWi$e Satellite Forum at 1-781-674-2906.  Please print clearly!

Name:	________________________________________
Organization:	___________________________________

Address:	________________________________________

City/State/Zip:	___________________________________
Phone: 	___________________________

Fax: ___________________________________


YES! We are interested in:

___	Hosting _____ downlink site(s).  
Please send _____ Downlink Site Coordinator*s Kit(s).

___	Assisting in promoting this event locally.  Let us know if someone else in my area plans to host a site. We may be able to conduct the following promotional activities: 
__	Include an announcement in an upcoming publication.
	Approximate date of publication: ___________________________________________
__	Post the event on our Web site.

__	Send out a customized letter or special mailing.
		Approximate date of mailing: ______________________________________________

__	Make  presentations to promote the event.  
Specify activities:________________________________________________________
COMMENTS:  __________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Gary Bertram
U.S. EPA Region 7