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RE: P2 at photofinishing ? -Reply

Dear P2TECHers--

Thanks to all of you who responded to my query on silver recovery and P2
in photo labs.  Many of the responses came via the list while others
were directly to me.

To recapitulate, here are some options that respondents noted:
	*digital imaging avoids chemical processing and delivers various
other efficiencies; the Polaroid Helios system, Sterling Diagnostic
Imaging, and Schick Technologies offer such systems for medical/dental
applications; I don't have details yet on applicability for industrial
x-ray inspection
	*dry imaging systems that use laser or thermal energy to develop
images on special films; Imation, Agfa, Polaroid, and Kodak were noted
		*a variety of silver recovery technologies are
available; the Silver Council has a code of practice which also
describes some of the technologies at http://www.silvercouncil.org/
		*commercial off-site recycling services; firms such as
Safety Kleen offer film recycling services and local recycling firms may
be able to reprocess processing chemicals
		*one person indicated to me the availability of
equipment for on-site chemical reprocessing and film recycling but I
don't yet have details on vendors or scale economies for this option

Thanks again.  Any additional info would be welcome.  And I'll update
the list as I learn more.

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