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Newsprint Sludge

    Kevin, et al,
    You may remember a brief discussion on the list several months ago 
    about Hammermill Paper (International Paper in Lock Haven, PA) 
    closing a paper recycling plant.  Although I believe they recycled 
    paper, and not specifically newsprint, I figured you could 
    determine if there is any applicability.
    Potential uses for the de-inking sludge may have included three 
    projects, as best I remember:
    1) They burned coal for energy.  Use of the sludge as a fuel, 
    mixed with the coal.  I have no information as to "why", but this 
    idea was not employed.  Caution: NOT using this idea may have been 
    due to subsequent approval problems with reusing the coal ash 
    waste, rather than due to potential emission or handling problems.
    2) I think at one point, landfill use as daily cover was 
    considered.  (In light of the fuel use idea, this was a bit funny.  
    Landfill daily cover is required to be non-combustible.  At first 
    glance, you'd think there would be a problem.)
    3) The use that was pursued involved blending the sludge with coal 
    ash, lime, vegetable tannery wastes, and other wastes to produce 
    an artificial soil.  Plans involved use of the material for 
    revegetation at mine reclamation projects.  Beneficial Ash 
    Management, of Morrisdale, PA, did the real work.