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Re: List Server Evaluation

At 09:03 AM 2/9/98 -0600, you wrote:
>P2Tech is at the end of one funding cycle (don't worry, we have new
>funding), and we need to do some evaluation of list server.  Please answer
>the following questions about your list server use.    The more responses
>we get, the better able we will be to justify the list server in the
>future.  We will be compiling the information at the end of February and
>will publish the results to the entire list.
>1.  How often do you post messages to P2Tech?

>2.  How often do you use the P2Tech Archives?  Do you find them useful?

Never.   I work on P2 for the state of Vermont.   Most of our work has been
in service stations and small manufacturers.   Our current initiative is
with the lodging/hospitality industry certifying "Green Hotels" under the
Vermont Business Environmental Partnership.   I have seen little on this
list server  in the past 18 months that directly applies to the specific P2
work I'm doing.

>How could we improve the archives?

See above
>3.  Enviro$en$e has offered to do another set of archives, in addition to
>the ones currently hosted by GLIN.  Would you be more likely to use
>archives provided by Enviro$en$e?  Is the duplication necessary?

No comment, see above.
>4.  P2Briefs are a version of the P2Tech Archives designed by the Solid
>Waste Education and Research Center in Wisconsin.  The P2Tech briefs
>compile discussion strings and include links to possibly relevant
>information and contributors.  This effort takes a lot of time.  Do you
>think this would be a worthwhile tool?

No.   I find discussion strings as found on Internet sites wasteful of
time.   The lack of editing and key word access is the problem.   The
Internet has an immense amount of information.   The problem is the lack of
editing.   Anyone can post anything, creating a problem of separating the
garbage from the goodies.   I can usually find solutions to P2 problems
directly by calling a supplier of equipment or asking another engineer.
>5.  Based on your experience with other list servers, what could we do to
>make the list server better?
See final comment.   Your list server gives a forum to exchange ideas,
which is the important use of it.   It is similar to other lists I use for
the same purpose.

>6.  Any other comments?

It seems the postings to the list are less than a year ago.  Has your base
of suscribers expanded since then or decreased?  Why? 

P2 to me is in the early part of its development as an attitude toward
production of goods and services.   I think it is the future direction of
our industrial society.   Actually I don't see any other future direction
given the environmental problems currently attached to the industrial

A forum for exchange of ideas is important to P2 success.  I read the posts
to this list to get a feel of what is occurring in a nationwide/worldwide
sense.   Vermont is a rural state and does not reflect accurately the rest
of the world.   Vermont also has significant environmental problems even
though a rural state.

Possibly soliciting topics to post by State might be interesting.   ie: in
Vermont we are doing Green Hotels.   Who else is interested in this topic?
 What can we share of our successes and failures?   Who writes on the
topic?   Could you create a series of questions that address the topic in
the simple and more in depth manner.   

Now you have a specific subject to archive on key word.   Edit the topic to
the most useful posts.   Then on a regular basis, post an outline of topics
archived.   This might make the list more useful to the subscribers.

Craig Stead
Putney, Vermont
>Thanks in advance for your time!
>Lisa C. Merrifield (Morrison)			listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
>List Manager				217.244.6061 (v)
>IL Waste Management and Research Ctr.	217.333.8944 (f)
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