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RE: p2 in fish processing

Information from the NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center and Alaska:

Solids Recovery from Seafood Processing Stick Water Using
The PPRC, UniSea, Inc., and the Alaska Department of Environmental
Conservation (ADEC) formed a partnership to evaluate a method to further
reduce and recover suspended and dissolved solids found in plant
wastewater streams. The project was funded by a grant from the Alaska
Science and Technology Foundation, as well as contributions from the
PPRC, UniSea and ADEC. It was found that electrocoaguation processed a
high solids wastewater stream, and produced cleaner water and a solids
concentrate that has potential to be added back to the product. The
pilot tests results were promising enough that UniSea is doing
additional testing with the intention of installing a full-scale system
at its facility. A report, Solids Recovery from Seafood Processing Stick
Water Using Electrocoagulation, summarizing the test was completed in
February 1996. For a copy of the report, contact the Alaska Department
of Environmental Conservation, Pollution Prevention Office, 555 Cordova
Street, Anchorage, Alaska, 99501. Telephone: 907-269-7500, ext. 7586.
E-mail: dwiggles@envirocon.state.ak.us. For more information, contact
Chris Montovino (cmontovino@pprc.org). 

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> I have received a request from an intern in Denmark
> who is looking for information on P2 in the fish processing 
> industry.  She is primarily looking for Internet sites with 
> information.
> If anybody is aware of information that is available
> on the net regarding P2/Clean Technology in the fish 
> processing industry please forward to:
> Ana Rebate 
> arex@cowi.dk
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