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Progressive Opportunity Ranking

Greetings P2Tech,

I am a graduate student studying environmental engineering at the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  For one part of my research I am
investigating the impact of progressive P2 opportunity implementations
on dynamic sequential opportunity ranking.  (i.e., re-ranking of the
opportunities following an alternative implementation)  The
opportunities are being ranked with various finance, LCA and
multi-criteria software packages.  As you know, these software packages
require a large amount of cost data assosciated with purchasing,
management, storage, risk, disposal, etc...  I am having a difficult
time locating opportunity ranking reference material and cost
information.  Specifically I have the following questions;

What are some references for cost data such as journals, databases,
websites, etc...?  Have they been used in previous studies?  Would you
consider these sources to be defensible?

Are there any studies, research projects or references relating to P2
opportunity ranking and/or 		sequential order interpretation out there? 
If so, what and where?

Please be as descriptive as possible.  If this area is of interest to
you, I would be happy to communicate further with you.  Thanks for you

Glen Rosenhamer

102 L.W. Chase Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0726