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P2Tech Eval Response

   In response to your request for P2Tech 
   1.  How often do you post messages to P2Tech?
   	   I post messages about once every 3-4 months, but read and save 
   	   or forward postings almost daily.
   2.  How often do you use the P2Tech Archives?  Do you find them 
   How could we improve the archives?
   	   I use the archives intermitantly.  Providing an easier search 
   	   for topics would help me.  Our web page has a link to P2Tech 
   3.  Enviro$en$e has offered to do another set of archives, in addition 
   to the ones currently hosted by GLIN.  Would you be more likely to use
   archives provided by Enviro$en$e?  Is the duplication necessary?
   	   Per a prior message = Duplication isn't necessary as long as 
   	   the universe of interested pareties are aware of where to go 
   	   to get this info. If the cost to have these archive
   	   available in more than one site helps, and the cost is minimal 
   	   to transfer them to a second site, then why not? Better 
   	   Access= More Use?
   4.  P2Briefs are a version of the P2Tech Archives designed by the 
   SolidWaste Education and Research Center in Wisconsin.  The P2Tech 
   briefs compile discussion strings and include links to possibly 
   relevant information and contributors.  This effort takes a lot of 
   time.  Do you think this would be a worthwhile tool?
   	   If the archives are searchable by the   same key words, woould 
   	   the briefs save that much time and would they be worth the 
   	   cost/time to develop them?
   5.  Based on your experience with other list servers, what could we do 
   to make the list server better?
   	   Same as comment #2.
   6.  Other comments.
   	   Thank you for providing this service, I am always learing 
   	   something useful from it.
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