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Re: Legislative History; cross-media impacts

Dear colleagues,

	This reply is a bit dated but, for those interested, one of the best
information sources on cross-media impacts of pollution is a special issue
of the law journal, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW, volume 22 (1991).

Reid Lifset

At 07:34 AM 1/29/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi!  Does anyone have or know of any publications, Web sites, or
>documents that outline (hopefully briefly!)  the history of U.S.
>environmental legislation from about the 60's to the 90's?  I know
>something like this must exist out there, but I have not yet found it.
>Any leads to info on basic educational  information on "what is
>multimedia" and cross media impacts of pollution would be great.  I am
>working on a document for non-environmental folks, so the simpler the
>Your leads and ideas are MUCH appreciated!  Thanks in advance.
>Martha Arosemena
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