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polyethylene foam

A gentleman from MAMTC-Missouri is assisting a facility in finding an outlet for
polyethylene foam.  The facility purchases the foam in sheets and then cuts and
forms the sheets into custom packaging for electronics.  MAMTC is assisting the
facility in reducing the amount of polyethylene waste generated, but they really
need some ideas regarding an outlet for the scrap that will be generated (besides
landfilling).  The facility currently generates around 50 cubic ft per week.  Any

Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.  I am posting this information for the
MAMTC gentleman because he does not yet have e-mail.  Please direct any
feedback directly to:

Dusty Cruise
Phone: 417-823-9661
fax: 417-823-9662

(Of course, if you prefer to respond via e-mail, I will be more than happy to forward
the information to Dusty.)


Gary Bertram
U.S. EPA Region 7