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Clean-up Operation

I am working with a facility that coats film with a variety of coatings.
The facility has several film products which are coated with a liquid
ceramic coating.  The facility mixes these coatings on one of two mixing
systems which include a top down mixing blade and a mixing pot.  These
items require cleaning with water.  The wastewater from this cleaning
operation is drummed and handled has a hazardous waste due to the barium

The customer will not allow this clean-up water to be reused directly
for subsequent cleaning of the equipment so the facility uses wash water
once and then diposes of it.  The company is currently looking at the
technical and regulatory feasibility of using a phys/chem system and
filter press to remove the solids and facilitate the reuse of clean
water while disposing of the solids as hazardous waste.  I am working on
options which would reduce the generation of the clean-up waste.  Any
leads or comments on companies who have used novel techniques to reduce
clean up waste of mixing equipment would be appreciated. 

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