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Red rag services

Dear P2 tech:

New Mexico is the only state in the US that requires that dirty rags 
bound for laundering and reuse be manifested as hazardous waste and 
counted as part of monthly hazardous waste generation.  There is 
interest within our Dept. of Defense and Dept of Energy P2 group to 
change this regulation.  I am interested in obtaining 
regulations/guidance/policies regarding rag recycling in other states to 
help bolster our attempts to remove this barrier to rag reuse.  
Thank you in advance for your assistance.  Please send any applicable 
guidance to me at the following address:

Pat Gallagher 
P2 Coordinator
Office of the Secretary
New Mexico Environment Department
Santa Fe, NM 87502
(505) 827-0677 (phone)
(505) 827-2836 (fax)