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Retired Engineers Program Question

Hi Folks,

Quick question:  

The NH Pollution Prevention Program (NHPPP) developed a retired
engineers on-site assistance program around 1991 that was based
primarily on the Florida and Alabama programs.  In fact, we had a couple
of very nice gentleman from the Alabama WRATT program (Hi Roy and
Doug) come up and provide the training.  We probably had one of the
first programs of this nature in New England.  However, it has now been
7 years and for a variety of reasons, the programs has really waned. 
Blame it on the P2 Assistance Program's (and therefore the retired
engineers program) location within what may be perceived by the
"regulated community" as a regulatory program.  Blame it on the lack of
effective NHPPP promotion (at least as far as the on-site component). 
Blame it on the fact that most of our on-sites are now as a result of
"regulatory referrals" from DES staff and local POTW's.  There are many
reasons I can come up with.

At this point, we are in the middle of internal discussions as to what to
do with the program (keep it within the DES with changes), or find it a
new "home" with one of our strategic partners -- SBDC, MEP, BIA, UNH,

This is where I need some help.  I am looking for a list of states (with
contact info.) that have retired engineers programs.  One of our retirees
(one of four who has held on diligently for over a year with not much
work to do) has agreed to contact various states to look into the pros
and cons of different delivery models.

If you currently have an operating retired engineers on-site assistance
program and are willing to chat with one of "our guys," in the next couple
of weeks, please respond to me directly at:  v_perelli@des.state.nh.us.  I
look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks so much in advance,

Vince Perelli

Vincent R. Perelli
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Pollution Prevention Program
6 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301-6509
phone:  603  271-2902
fax:    603  271-2456
v_perelli@des.state.nh.us or

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