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RE: P2 Tech

I bet you will want to talk to the National Microscale Chemistry Center.   
 They specialize in lab techniques that reduce the amount of chemicals   
needed for an experiment to very small amounts.  They offer many courses   
that teach high school teachers and college professors to take these   
procedures into the classroom so that the amount of hazardous chemicals   
used and hazardous waste generated are minimized.

Dr. Mono M. Singh, Director
National Microscale Chemistry Center
Merrimack College
North Andover, MA      01845

tel: (508) 837-5137  fax: (508) 837-5017


web site at:  nmcc.merrimack.edu/microscale.html

Hope this helps,
Peter T. Moulton
Division of Technical Services, Bureau of Remediation
State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station #17
Augusta, ME  04333
tel. 207-287-8161   Fax. 207-287-7826
case (upper or lower) does not matter on email address

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Has anyone on the server worked with a local high/Middle school on P2 in   
chemistry class and lab.  Have they put together P2-type experiments?   
the experiments been implemented with success?  Who would I contact for   
information and more info? Thanks!

Catherine Zimmer
1313 5th Street SE #207
Mpls, MN  55414
612/627-4769 (fax)