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P2 in construction

   In response to your query about P2 in construction, you may wish to 
   --	   the Rocky Mountain Institute (http://rmi.org ),
   --	   Department of Energy may have some appropriate software as 
   well at http://epic.er.doe.gov/epic/html/SOFTWARE.sph , and 
   --	   Enviro$en$e of the EPA.
   I think I saw something helpful in the federal EPA's recent WasteWise 
   annual report as well.  There may be a major mobile home manufacturer 
   that did some work on waste reduction of construction wastes in their 
   plant.  Unfortunately, I do not recall which manufacturer.
   P2 could include segregating wood pieces according to size then using 
   smaller pieces around window frames and door headers.  Other 
   considerations are: 
   --	   insulating exterior corners of the structure, window and door 
   frame areas, 
   --	   placement of windows for heating and cooling, insulated window 
   --	   HVAC design,
   --	   energy efficient lighting, 
   --	   water conservation measures, and more. 
   Good luck with your search.
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   Does anyone know of a good source for information on using P2 in 
   building design and construction? A web site address would be 
   particularly helpful.
   Mark Boylan
   WASTREN, Inc.