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RE: styrene use in fiberglas form manufacturing

Please refer to the following entries in the PPRC Research Projects Database.  The research contacts should be able to connect you to the latest research and information that has been published in this area.  Enjoy!

Project Title:  Implementing Waste Reduction Strategies in the Fiberglass Industry.

Project Title:  Miller Control Styrene Reduction.

Project Title: Evaluation of HVLP spray guns for polyester gelcoat and direct application equipment for polyester resin in large boat manufacturing.

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From:  C2P2[SMTP:c2p2@sarnia.com]
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Subject:  styrene use in fiberglas form manufacturing

We have a client that is interested in alternatives/techniques to reduce the
use of styrene particularly in the fiberglass form manufacturing industry. 

Any information/contact names etc. regarding this subject would be appreciated. 

I will pass any information received on to our client.

Thank you for your time

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