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Re: P2 in Construction

Our campus, Montana State University, is implementing the Green Building
Project, a partnership with NIST, DOE, and many others to develop a
state-of-the-art academic building that will incorporate maximum
environmental sensitivity into its siting, design, construction and
operation. The project plan is quickly becoming a national model through
maximizing the use of recycled and local materials and a design for the
eventual reuse or recycling of all building and site development components. 

Some of the goals include minimizing required energy and services through
use of the new construction techniques, a special focus on cold climate
energy generating/conserving technologies, and forging productive linkages
among the design, building, technology development, and manufacturing
industries to pioneer and demonstrate new building technologies. 

Check out the web site about the MSU Green Building Project:

Also, contact the U.S. Green Building Council, in DC. 

Good luck!

At 08:41 AM 2/23/98 EST, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a good source for information on using P2 in building
>design and construction? A web site address would be particulary helpful.
>Mark Boylan
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