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Re: Pollution Prevention in Chemistry Labs: Microchemistry

     Catherine Zimmer of MnTAP asks:
     > Has anyone on the server worked with a local high/Middle school on 
     > P2 in the chemistry class and lab.  Have they put together P2-type 
     > experiments?  
     Catherine --
     One of the documents that Doug Kievit-Kylar mentioned in his reply, 
     "Laboratory Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention: A Guide for 
     Teachers."  is available online at:
     It was put together by some colleagues here at Pacific NW National 
     Laboratory a while back and has been used by a lot of teachers to
     P2 in high school and middle school labs.  It was produced as a public 
     service by the Lab, but due to high demand, we've run out of hard
     Hope you'll take advantage of the online version.
     Hope this helps!
     Scott Butner   (rs_butner@pnl.gov)    
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