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From: Pam Walkenbach <walkenbachp@CES.ACES.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: (Fwd) Bioremediation of heavy metals in soil
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net

This was recently forwarded to me from a collegue. Thought the P2 list would be good resource for them. Please send your replys to:

Colin Holmes at colinh@primenet.com

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>Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 00:59:00 -0800
>From: colin holmes <colinh@primenet.com>
>Subject: Bioremediation of heavy metals in soil
>Hello everyone. I have a quick question for anyone who has a second.
>A former student here at Santa Clara University has joined the Peace
>Corps and is now in Ukraine (just west of Russia).She is a co-founder of
>the recycling club at Santa Clara. and is basically in charge of
>figuring out how to monitor and reduce the amount of soil and air
>pollution caused by a nearby iron mine. This mine happens to be the
>second largest open-faced pit mine in the world. With the right
>resources from us back here in the US, she could make a very big
>difference in Ukraine.
>Below are the 4 areas she has requested info on:
>1. mining regions in america and how they are dealing with regulating
>montoring heavy metal content, water contamination, and the dispoal of
>solid and liquid waste generated from iron ore mining.
> 2. Air quality montitoring in mining regions
> 3. Using trees as bioacumulators for heavy metals?? Ever heard of this
>They have this proposal submitted to the duthc council for funding that
>are going to plant trees along the slag heaps form the mine and these
>are going to extract heavy metals from the soil before they reach the
>table? If you could look into this one, it sounds a bit dubious.
> 4. Dispoal of old medical waste.. ie large quanities of medicine, do we
>through it into the landfill or is there a disposal system.
> 5. Nuclear waste dispoal, any inof on this , they are curous as to how
>deal with the millions of tons of radiactive waste and what kind of
>systems americans use.
>thanks for you time,
>Colin Holmes
>Santa Clara University
>Santa Clara, CA
>Julie C. Aplington, Manager of Refuse & Recycling
>Northwestern University
>Facilities Management