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P2 for pressure sensitive tapes and labels


Does anyone have any experience with P2 in the pressure sensitive tapes
and/or labels sector that they would be willing to share?  I am already
aware of the EPA reports prepared on equipment cleaning.  I am writing about
pollution sources, especially air emissions from coatings used in the
"traditional" production process (and would appreciate background
information - including cost to operate pollution control equipment), and
then the pros and cons of various alternative coatings (or equipment that
uses less coating, or other P2 techniques).

Case studies of any aspect of P2 would be especially useful, but
particularly those reducing emissions from coatings.  Volunteers to peer
review what I produce would also be appreciated.  Please respond directly to
me at:  newmoa@tiac.net

Thank You,

Jennifer Griffith,
129 Portland Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA  02114
(617) 367-8558, ext. 303
(617) 367-0449 (FAX)