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RE: construction company blueprints

We have done away with ammonia based "blueprint" operations.  In the 
Plant Engineering/Facilities area we use a Xerox 3060 machine which 
seems to work fine.  The facility supported by this department has 
5000+ employees, over 2 million sq. ft. of enclosed area, open engine 
test areas, and is sited on over 7000+.  The machine is used for MANY 

Our product side (jet engine development) also uses a non-ammonia 
based technology for prints although I don't know which one.  Their 
demand includes regular A, B, C, D, & E drawings and also full size 
(3-4' wide by 10-16' long) prints.  This is all done without ammonia.

My suggestion is that you contact the Xerox, IBM, Versatec, etc. type 
companies and have them tell you about their line.  Explain that you 
don't want ammonia based and I am sure that one of them will have what 
you need.

Dale Francke
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Subject: 	construction company blueprints

A construction company is generating about 2 gal. per month of spent
ammonia from their blueprint operation.  Is anyone aware of some newer 
technologies that would allow for a substitute process to occur?

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