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RE: construction company blueprints

You bet!
      Blueprint-size photocopiers are now available many places.  The   
price may be a little steep for a small company to go out and buy one,   
but the prices charged by the print shop that has one of these machines   
are not bad at all.
      These machines use the same technology as the photocopiers in the   
typical office.  I have been told the earlier, blueprint-size   
photocopiers had trouble with distortion at the edges, but that problem   
has gone away.  The only current drawback is that there is no way to   
waterproof the photocopy print.  (Of course, blueprints that have been   
rained on are next to useless anyway.  So you are only sacrificing the   
difference between being "next-to-useless" and "absolutely useless".
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Subject:  construction company blueprints

A construction company is generating about 2 gal. per month of spent
ammonia from their blueprint operation.  Is anyone aware of some newer
technologies that would allow for a substitute process to occur?

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