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NPPC's New Curricula on Environmental Marketing Issues

The Publications Department of the National Pollution Prevention Center
for Higher Education is happy to announce four new educational resources.
We would appreciate your sharing this message with your business school

1. "Introduction to the Marketing Compendium" briefly discusses marketing
   issues related to environmental protection and recommends how to best
   use other materials in this compendium.  The cost is $1.00 (U.S.).

2. "Resource List for Environmental Issues in Marketing" is organized by
   topic.  It cites nearly 200 articles, books, reports, and case studies
   as well as several related web sites, interested faculty, and case
   publishers.  The cost is $1.50 (U.S.). 

3. "Environmental Marketing Annotated Bibliography" is organized
   alphabetically. It describes approximately 100 of them documents
   appearing in the Resource List.  The cost is $1.50 (U.S.).

4. "Course Syllabi and Assignments" include detailed outlines of 
   environmental marketing college courses taught by M. Cohen 
   (Vanderbilt) and G. Kirby (Santa Clara University).  $1.50

          *** All NPPC orders must be prepaid ***  
To order these documents, send a check payable to 
"University of Michigan/NPPC" to:  
     National Pollution Prevention Center
     430 East University, Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1115

Prices are set to cover the cost of photocopying and domestic (U.S. and
Canada) postage.  International orders only: please add $3.00 to cover 
the cost of shipping.  We are unable to accept credit cards or cash.  
Our Federal Tax ID# is 38-6006-309. 

For a complete list of NPPC educational resources: 
call (734) 764-1412; fax (734) 647-5841; 
e-mail nppc@umich.edu; or see http://www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/.

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about NPPC resources or projects.  The volume of mail sent out to this
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