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RE: Spray Nozzle Tips


Back around 1983(?) the USEPA issued a very large study that looked into the
issues of transfer efficiency versus air spray gun maintenance.
Improvements of 50 percent or more for a well maintained gun versus a poorly
maintained gun were noted.  Some transfer efficiencies for air spray guns
were as good as airless and electrostatic guns.  They also noted there was a
definite effect between test results and target configuration.

One thing you have going against the conventional guns is the method by
which transfer efficiency is calculated.  The calculation assumes that all
paint reaching the target is good.  If you mask off a narrow pin stripe and
use an electrostatic gun to lay down a two-inch wide stripe, it counts the
same as using a conventional gun that lays down  a 0.5-inch stripe.  The
calculation of transfer efficiency does not account for the excess paint
wasted (maybe you only wanted a 1/8-inch stripe).  The same goes for film

Just some thoughts,

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> Subject: 	Spray Nozzle Tips
> Question:  Does anyone have a hard copy reference or knowledge of a report
> itemizing paint VOC and material savings stemming from utilizing proper
> tip
> size and maintenance of nozzles for airless and/or air-assisted airless
> spray guns?
> James R. Noonan,  Assistant Director
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